Traps and pheromones

Trapping insect pests either for detection, monitoring or mass capturing is a very important feature of IPM strategies. The use of traps and lures provides information and help for decision-making and technical support:

– Identify the presence and population level of target species
– Establish or recognize economic thresholds and injury levels
– Check efficacy of pest control methods
– Reduce insecticide treatments and improve their application
– General benefits for the environment
– Mass trapping

In some situations, traps can be used with the specific purpose to catch huge amounts of pest individuals in a short time using different devices and methods.

delta trap

PACKAGING 3 Traps 3×3 sticky panels 3 lure baskets 3 captures recording cards

sticky traps

Colored sticky traps for monitoring and mass trapping, in natural cellulose, strong and biodegradable, with a very persistent and clean glue. Available in yellow (ColorTRAP G), to trap aphids, whiteflies, flies and other insects, and in blue (ColorTRAP B) for thrips. Both the tone models have been designed to get the best attracting sensitivity. PACKAGING …

sticky traps
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To be used with the traps a series of insects lures is available. Lepidopterans Adoxophyes orana Anarsia lineatella Archips podanus Argyrotaenia pulchellana Cossus cossus Cydia funebrana Cydia molesta Cydia pomonella Cydia splendana Cydia fagiglandana Duponchelia fovealis Eupoecilia ambiguella Gortyna xanthenes Helicoverpa armigera Lobesia botrana Leucoptera scitella Litocolletis blancardella Ostrinia nubilalis Pandemis heparana Pandemis ribeana Phthorimaea …

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