Parassitoide di mosche

Spalangia cameroni is a small hymenoptera that lives as parasitoid inside pupae of flies wherein the adult female lays its eggs. It is a solitary parasitoid and from each pupa only one new adult will emerge through a small rounded hole in the attacked pupa. The whole life cycle from egg to adult takes around 4 weeks in standard conditions. Spalangia cameroni is a worldwide spread species but its introduction in the cattle breedings it’s always recommended together with the close species Nasonia vitripennis in order to join the advantages of it with the host-search ability and habitat adaptation skills more typical in Spalangia. The releases have to start from the spring and then repeated every 2 weeks along the whole “fly season”. Packs contain parasitized fly pupae that will give 2.500 adults of Spalangia.

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