Exochomus quadripustulatus
Predator of soft scales and aphids

Exochomus quadripustulatus (Pine ladybeetle) is an European species around 5 mm in length and black in color with 4 typical red spots. It’s linked to various arboreal and shrubs-like plants where it usually preys soft scales like Pulvinaria, Coccus and others but also aphids, in particular woolly aphids. The female can live several months during which it lays several hundreds of eggs in small masses, preferably near the scales or in any case its preys. The larvae are grey covered with spiny processes and voracious predators like the adults. It prefers mild temperatures but already in early spring it becomes active to remain so until the end of summer. It overwinters as an adult in tree shelters under the bark or in the litter at their feet.

MUX20 (code 901) and MUX100 (code 904) contain 20 or 100 adults of Exochomus to be used on ornamental trees and shrubs, forestal plants, citrus and other fruit crops. MUX is used against various species of soft scales and aphids including Pulvinaria hydrangeae, P. floccifera, P. Polygonata and P. regalis on ornamental trees and shrubs, other coccidia on citrus and fruit trees, Nidularia pulvinata on oaks, woolly aphid on apple trees, Phyllaphis phagi on beech and Adelgidae aphids on conifers.