Cryptolaemus montrouzieri
mealybug predator

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, a predatory ladybird of mealybugs, is commonly applied in bio-control on citrus and ornamentals.

The adult 5-6 mm long has black elytra and the rest of the body brown-orange. The larval stages could reach 14 mm. and are covered with wax. At 25ºC constant an adult female could live more than 60 days and is capable to lay up to 120 eggs; these are placed within a P. citri ovisac allowing the young larva to find a plenty of food after hatching. Egg to adult development takes about 35 days with this temperature. CriptoPAK consists in bottles containing 100 adults with a specific diet added to prevent starving during transport.

The release programme should be started according to weather conditions and infestation. A minimum average of 10-20 adults per plant is necessary to have a quick control. Only a very high prey density could stimulate egg laying and avoid dispersion, therefore it is recommended to apply CriptoPAK especially in hot spots.