Bombus terrestris is largely the most important bumblebee species available and experienced for application in all different periods of the year. Bioplanet hives, with a modern concept box, allow good ventilation and are simple and easy to manage.

Although the application of Bombox is rather easy, it’s very important to prevent the side effects of pesticides and other toxicants that could disturb the pollinators activity. Therefore using natural enemies in IPM programs gives advantages in application.

TIPS: Placing a shadow shield above the box, could be necessary in hot day conditions, especially in plastic tunnels (don’t use plastic material for this purpose). It is possible to remove the hive for some time but should be made very carefully to prevent any damage to the colony. Sometimes it is necessary to use net screens to avoid that the pollinators go searching outside of the greenhouse. Check carefully the spraying programme before introducing the hive. Plant health is a condition for success especially for what can affect pollen production.