Amblyseius cucumeris
thrips predator

Amblyseius cucumeris is a predatory mite applied for the biocontrol of different thrips species (Frankliniella occidentalis, Thrips tabaci and others) in vegetable and ornamental crops.
This tiny predator with a pale colour and a pear shaped body is able to develop within the crop also without the prey if a pollen source is available. Low humidity levels can reduce the field performance especially in Mediterranean condition. Development could be very quick (1-2 weeks) when climatic parameters are suitable, e.g. temperature between 18-20ºC and Relative Humidity above 60%.

A.cucumeris is supplied in tubes (AmblyPAK or AmblySAK) with dispersal material to ensure a quick introduction or in sachets (AmblyBAGS) for a progressive release in the crop. In many cases a multiple release program is necessary to reach a good establishment and development starting before the thrips population increase.
Total release quantities could be different for season and crop: from 30-40 per plant to 100-200 for m2 are used.