Agricolle is a special product that get back with an old concept for reducing pest incidence with a brand new application of the properties of polysaccharides derived from the vegetal world. Agricolle fits perfectly as a support for environmental friendly pest management strategies.
Based on the proprieties of some natural plant extracts to form a sticky layer able to entrap small insects, Agricolle may contribute to the reduction of many pests with a simple physical action. In this way, for example aphids, scales, whiteflies, psyllids and other similar pests can be controlled and their negative impact reduced.

Agricolle is absolutely compatible with IPM and biological control strategies thanks to its composition and its quick degradation in the environment. When mass released or natural beneficials are in the system their performance is not reduced, also thanks to their movement capability, shape and size.

High performance
Rapid degradation
No residues
Agricolle can be used in several crops and situations. The best applications regard:
– Tomato, aubergine, pepper
– Zucchini, melon, water melon and cucumber
– Strawberry
– Pear tree and other fruit crops
– Citrus crops
– Ornamental trees

Agricolle is applied at 300 ml/100 liters, using a volume of water to obtain a complete coverage of the treated area.

Agricolle has been recognized as not PPP, being outside of the scope of EU Dir 91/414 (SANCO Doc 6621-99 rev 31 dd 11.11.2005).