Agricolle® is a product derived from natural gums which exploits the ability of polysaccharides to adhere specifically to the body of small insects present on crops and/or structures.

Its action is only physical, comparable to sticky traps and so on this basis is not considered to be a conventional insecticidal product nor subject to their rules.

Its use in agriculture concerns insects, in their juvenile stage of with small size, not very mobile and with respiratory activity, e.g. aphids, juvenile forms of psylls, whiteflies. On their bodies, the adhesion of the polysaccharides, and in particular to the respiratory openings, make it very effective.

At the same time its characteristics make it safe for beneficial insects and pollinators that escape its physical action, making it a valuable tool in the biological based IPM strategies.

Packs of 1 and 3 litres, to be used at rate of 300 cc / 100 litres of water.

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