Aeolothrips intermedius
Thrip predator

Aeolothrips intermedius is a thrip species that has evolved a sharp predatory attitude toward phytophagous thrips and other small arthropods that it finds in the habitats that visits. The female measures 2 mm and is black with three characteristic clear bands on the wings. The male is similar but smaller and lighter, the larvae of both sex are totally yellow.

The adults of A. intermedius visit plants of various species and, more often, their flowers, where they feed on pollen and insects. The eggs (in total about fifty per female) are laid into the plant tissues; the juvenile stages feed on pollen and live preys too. A pupal stage in a silky cocoon precedes the appearance of a new adult. The cycle lasts about twenty days at 25°C. A. intermedius is reported to prey on around forty different thrip species, and in particular Thrips tabaci and Heliothrips haemorroidalis, even Tetranichid mites are suitable for predation by all its stages.

EOLO200 with 200 adults in buckwheat (code 602) is intended for biocontrol programs on vegetable and ornamental crops, alone or in conjunction with other beneficials.