Adalia bipunctata
aphid predator

Adalia bipunctata is a coccinellid beetle very common in nature and very efficient in aphids predation, especially in ornamentals, fruit trees and vegetables crops. The best application is for reducing infested “hot spots” also in combination with other natural enemies. Egg to adult development takes place in around 3 weeks at 20-25ºC in which 4 larval stages with different size and predation capacity can be found. L3 and L4 larvae can feed upon high quantities of prey but also adults are able to eat over 100 aphids.Adult females lay their eggs in a small bunch very close to aphid colonies so the newly hatched larvae can found enough food very easily. In the beginning small preys are preferred but later on predation of larger sizes and movement to a larger distance increase.
Adalia contains 30, 100 or 250 adults in paper strips, that can be easily released by simply opening the jars close to the attacked plants as general inoculum, at the beginning of the “aphid’s season”, or more curative at higher rates later in the season or in the hot spots.