Beneficial insects and mites production

We are a leader company in the rearing of natural enemies (insects and mites) for the biocontrol of several pests.
Our goal is to develop IPM and Biological Control in agriculture, as alternative to the pest management strategies exclusively based on chemical pesticides.
Our products are used mainly in protected crops, but also in open field, orchards and landscapes management.

Tools for a clean agricolture

Together with the improve of the application of natural enemies, we are engaged in the development of other low risk control methods, with the aim to optimize IPM strategies and promote a new approach in agricultural systems. We support the idea that high quality and true environmental sustainability can be achieved on a larger extent.

Research and technical support

We provide technical support and customize commercial application strategies with our products in different crop condition. We dedicate extensive resources to specific experimental and demonstrative programs, also in cooperation with national and international research institutes.