Orius laevigatus
thrips predator

Orius laevigatus is a predatory bug, the most important thrips predator available for the control of WFT, Frankliniella occidentalis in different climatic and cultural conditions. The main application occurs in horticulture both in protected or outdoor crops, with special interest for sweet pepper, strawberry, cucumber and some ornamentals.

All the stages can actively feed also on other food sources than thrips, in particular mites, aphids or moth eggs. The adult, is about 2.5-3 mm. long with a dark flattened body. All larval stages have an orange yellow colour, soft body and are also very active in searching for thrips. Both young and adults search for prey even in hidden locations within the plant canopy and in the flowers. In a temperature of 25º C constant, egg to adult development takes about 15 days while the average life span of adult females could be 20 days. In early spring conditions with fluctuating temperature, egg laying and preying capacity could be reduced so it is necessary to introduce large quantities and prefer multiple releases to prevent a too rapid development of WFT.

LeviPAK is available in bottles with 500, 1.000 or 2.000 units. A multiple introduction with a total of 2-4 per square meter is recommended.