Trissolcus basalis
stink bugs parasitoid

Trissolcus basalis is a Hymenoptera Scelionidae one millimetre long and black in color. It can develop on various Pentatomidae but is known worldwide for the use against the stink bug Nezara viridula.  This species is cosmopolitan just as its primary host is.

T. basalis is a solitary parasitoid of stink bug eggs. The female lay eggs inside their host recently laid eggs; the entire egg mass can be parasitised.  The parasitisation becomes evident in few days due to the change in color of the eggs which become grey. Each female lives for about a couple of weeks, during which it lays up to 250 eggs. At the optimal temperature of 27°C the cycle takes place in about ten days.

BASE500 contains 500 adults of Trissolcus basalis in a 100 ml bottle with paper strips and a sugary diet.

Use recommended on tomato, bell pepper, aubergine, vegetables and herbaceous plants in general, starting from June or at the first appearance of the pest on the crop. Repeated introductions are the best strategy to ensure the continued presence of parasitoid females during the infestation periods of its host.